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JEW Digital Hamsa

Basics of JEW’s inception

Talismans, and amulets have accompanied us throughout history. Amulets are known in all religions, and most of us have always wanted to have some sacred object that plays a special role in the most critical moments of our lives. Very often, the power and magical properties of such objects are felt even by those who do not fully believe in them. Some are so keen on sacred objects that they wear them on their person or on their clothes, or keep them in their vehicles and houses and anywhere possible. It is also worth noting that one does not have to be a deeply religious person to believe in the effectiveness of talismans.

Formation of the JewCoin DAO ecosystem

Even in the era of modern computer technology, with the progressive development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, sacred objects have not lost their relevance. Today, almost every crypto investor wants something that, at the right time, will attract good luck and financial well-being, give them confidence, and protect their wallets from unbearable losses. This may sound ridiculous, but it is also difficult to argue with it. It just so happens that business success does not always depend only on our abilities or physical impact.

The world’s first Digital Torah and NFT crypto-amulets

I would like to note that thanks to this initial idea, your support, and our desire to give people more opportunities and functionality, we have managed to implement the world’s first Jewish cryptocurrency concept. It consists of the archiving and tokenization of Jewish cultural heritage using blockchain technology, which includes the world’s first digital Torah on blockchain and the world’s first digital crypto-amulets, Digital Hamsa.



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Jew Coin

Jew Coin

First Jewish DAO Ecosystem. JEWCOIN Ecosystem creates a new type of decentralized organization —