Many people still don’t understand or don’t see the true value of the JEW token. So today let’s talk a little bit about the main account unit of JEW and its main functions.

The market at the moment is overflowing with various cryptocurrencies, which have almost no value and do not solve any serious problems. They can only be used as speculative tools, nothing more.

The JewCoin team went far beyond any meme-coin in the market and in decentralized finance, creating a truly useful token that, in addition to its basic functions, instills cultural values and provides holders with long-term passive income!

JEW is the utility token in the entire JewDAO kosher ecosystem. Beyond that, the JEW token has the power to make you rich. You must have noticed that your token balance in your wallet keeps growing, yesterday you bought 100 JewCoins, today you have a few more coins in your balance. This is because one of JEW’s key functions is to return 5% of all transactions to pools of liquidity and distribute it to all holders, with further locking for 40 years!

So, doing practically nothing, you get a real tool to get a passive income for life!

It is also noteworthy that having even 1 JEW token in your wallet guarantees passive income for you! In addition, at the moment, you can buy at the best price on DEX exchange PancakeSwap: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xfaf3704d3b2c523c37cd691e658861f10b0fd839

JewCoin wants to make the cryptocurrency world a better place, along with helping users become more enlightened in some religious aspects that deal with Jewish issues. To achieve these goals, JewCoin has implemented the release of NFT crypto amulets in the form of a digital Hamsa, adhering to the project’s main concept of archiving and tokenizing Jewish cultural heritage.


These NFTs can be bought for JEW tokens. There will be 3 kinds of these Digital Hamsa in total:

Simple NFT Hamsa, which can be purchased on NFT platforms for 0.1 ETH or can be obtained for buying and holding a minimum of 7 units of JEW tokens for 30 days on your wallet balance.

NFT Hamsa, signed by respected rabbis, which you can buy on NFT-platforms for 1 ETH or get for free for useful community activity. For example, for a supportive social media post and keeping it for 30 days without deleting it.

A unique Blessed NFT Hamsa, worth 10 ETH on NFT-platforms, which is a blessing from Cohen in the form of a special token.

Also, it’s worth noting that we actively promote the charity component. All of the proceeds from the sales of the JEW token and NFT collections will be distributed to charity, synagogues, and support of the Jewish people!

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