JewCoin — The First Jewish DAO Ecosystem ✡️.

The First Digital NFT Torah.

The developers of JEW Coin have managed to deploy a number of unique products in the digital space, as well as promoting active and passive income generation.

  • NFT collection of 613 Torah commandments, that can only be purchased for JEW Coin Marketplace.
  • NFT collection of crypto-amulets in the form of Digital Hamsa.
  • NFT collection of songs, poems, prayers, stories, books, etc.
  • NFT collection of Mezuzah.
  • NFT Savivon Collection.
  1. Simple NFT Hamsa, which can be purchased on NFT platforms for 0.1 ETH or received for buying and holding at least 7 units of JEW tokens for 30 days on your wallet balance.
  2. The NFT Hamsa, signed by reputable rabbis, that can be purchased on NFT-platforms for 1 ETH or received for free for useful community activity. For example, for a supportive social media post and keeping it for 30 days without deleting it.
  3. Unique Blessed NFT Hamsa worth of 10 ETH represents Cohen’s blessing in the form of a special token.



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Jew Coin

Jew Coin

First Jewish DAO Ecosystem. JEWCOIN Ecosystem creates a new type of decentralized organization —