JEW Coin Project Development Monthly Report.

Token Growth.

JEW Coin demonstrated significant growth during the last month — around 90%! This means that many investors have already made great profits.

The Jewish Digital Hamsa NFT Collection.

JEW Coin covers more than just the cryptocurrency market, the project aims to support the development of the whole NFT industry. The project launched the first Jewish NFT Digital Hamsa digital art collections on the Rarible and OpenSea.

Support from influential people and politicians.

In a short period of time, the project received tremendous support from opinion leaders, including Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Finance of Israel, and Inna Zilbergerz, leader of the “Our House Israel” party. They became the first owners of physical certificates for owning NFT crypto-art from JEW Coin along with the members of the ruling family in Sharjah, namely Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi and Adnan Al Noorani, who also supported JEW Coin in the UAE.

  • Joining large blockchain ecosystems like Huobi ECO Chain and Polygon.
  • Integration of JEW token into
  • The first Jewish Digital Hamsa NFT art collection pieces are already received by Influencers and JEW DAO members who supported JEW Coin on their social networks.
  • JEW cryptocurrency price is rising.
  • The number of JEW token holders is over 2,000.
  • Constantly growing activity in social networks, for example, official Telegram chat of the JEW DAO already reached the mark of more than 2,400 people.




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