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JEW Coin continues its stunning development. Today the team is happy to announce a new partnership with Broex.

The team is happy to boast about the integration of JEW token into the Broex investment platform, that lets you purchase it via Visa/Mastercard directly from the PancakeSwap platform!

One can observe that the JEW Coin Ecosystem is actively striving to provide access to cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance to those seeking for a convenient entry gate. Today the team has taken one more step in solving this task!

Integration of the trading application will help to simplify cryptocurrency operations for investors; they will be able to add JEW token along with such giants as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple, getting information about any changes in the market and their investment portfolios online.

At the same time, using Broex avoids high losses on cryptocurrency deposit fees, that are as small as 0%.

More info about Broex

Broex is a service for trading, storing cryptocurrencies, and tracking investment portfolios. With its help, it is possible to buy/sell digital assets via Visa, Mastercard, along with online wallets.

It is also worth of noting that the service allows you to buy cryptocurrencies on the decentralized market. Broex team has developed a single gate for cryptocurrency exchanges, e.g. PancakeSwap.

With a special referral program, users who invited their friends get 20% commissions on transactions made by those whom they invited.

On the one hand, someone may ask a logical question: “But there is a KYC system on the exchange, can this scare off users and investors?”

On the other hand, security risks in the cryptocurrency market is a hot topic today. Especially when combining the decentralized finance market with traditional cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, many still face the loss of funds when using third-party exchanges, wallets, and trading apps while exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrencies.

Broex adheres to legal standards and complies with statutory rules for financial services. First and foremost, the Broex team cares about the safety of its customers and their funds. That’s why all user funds are located on different servers and stored on cold wallets. All information is contained in special private loops, even the platform developers do not have access to and these loops do not interact with each other.

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