How to buy a JewCoin (JEW) token using your Metamask wallet

Jew Coin
2 min readJun 18, 2021


It is not possible yet to buy JEW directly with fiat currency, you need a cryptocurrency wallet with Binance Coin (BNB) BEP20 support. Here is an example of buying a token from a Metamask wallet.


Before buying JEW, top up your Metamask wallet with BNB coin. For example, from your personal account on the Binance exchange, you can withdraw Binance Coin to the wallet address that Metamask has generated for you!

Metamask interface

Connecting Metamask to the PancakeSwap.

  1. Go to PancakeSwap with a contract (JewCoin), click “I understand” at the pop up window with the smart contract address and then click “Continue”.

2. Now at the upper right corner click “Connect” (Connect Crypto Wallet). In our case we connect to Metamask.

3. In the wallet you need to confirm the connection, that’s all, Metamask successfully connected to PancakeSwap.

Buy JEW Kosher crypto-talisman.

  1. On the exchange, choose the amount of funds in BNB (the required amount should already be in the wallet), for which you want to buy JEW token. Click the “Swap” button.

2. Confirm the transaction in the pop-up window on the exchange and confirm the swap in the Metamask wallet.

3. Purchase is completed successfully! Now JewCoin is in your portfolio!

The exchange will give you a link in the format*********, to the address of the transaction in the blockchain, by clicking on which you can track the transaction.

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