Shalom friends!

Did you know that Jews live and sleep in tents, eat, celebrate, invite guests, dance and have fun?

Day of Sukkot ( סוכות) is the name of the Jewish people’s seven-day holiday. The period falls at the beginning of September through October, the so-called Tishrei (month of the…

Rosh Hashanah is one of the most important holidays for Jewish people around the world.

“Rosh Hashanah” means “the head of the year,” and the holiday marks the start of the Jewish New Year.

During this two-day celebration, your Jewish friends or coworkers are likely to take time away from…

Shalom friends,

JEW Coin is happy to announce that the project officially joins WOW Summit as a Strategic Partner!

In October, particularly from the 14th to 15th, one of the most anticipated Blockchain events will take place in Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai, UAE.

The World Of Web3 Summit will gather…

Shalom friends!

Last two months have been quite productive for JEW Coin. In a short period of time the team has announced several important strategic updates and received a grant by Polygon. …

Shalom, dear reader!

JEW Coin continues its stunning development. Today the team is happy to announce a new partnership with Broex.

The team is happy to boast about the integration of JEW token into the Broex investment platform, that lets you purchase it via Visa/Mastercard directly from the PancakeSwap platform!

One can observe…

Shalom friends!

The capitalization of the DeFi tokens now is over $100 billion, and the trading volume for the last 24 hrs crossed the mark of $8,5 billion. Back in May of this year, the capitalization exceeded $140 billion, with the DAO tokens market accounting for about $40 billion.


Shalom, friends!

As you can see, JEW Coin is growing by leaps and bounds. The project’s main idea to archive and tokenize the cultural and religious heritage of the Jewish people is gaining more and more support every day. This means the team is on the right track!

Today JEW…

Shalom, friends!

JEW Coin aims to expand access to different ecosystems in the blockchain industry, giving users more opportunities!

So, today we are happy to inform you that JEW Coin has become a part of the Polygon ecosystem. In addition, they provided a grant for us to develop the project!

Shalom, friends!

Soon we will post more valuable information about the partnerships and future development plans for JewCoin that we will be implementing in the near future. And we are very happy and thankful for your support, that you are staying and waiting with us!

The JewCoin Team together with…

Shalom, friends ✡️!

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our first collection of NFTs crypto-amulets in the form of Digital Hamsa!

FIRST Digital Hamsd created by the JEWCoin team

This is a momentous day for all of us. You’ve been waiting a long time, we’ve been working all this time, not stopping for a minute! This day has come, the first Digital Hamsa crypto-amulets from the JewCoin project appear on the market.

Now each of you…

Jew Coin

First Jewish DAO Ecosystem. JEWCOIN Ecosystem creates a new type of decentralized organization —

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